Case Studies

We help small businesses & startups
build digital products that convert

Shades of commerce is a brand new business that focuses on helping minority and women-owned brands. 

Shades of Commerce

We helped Shades of commerce create a listing site that users can add their information to promote their business without almost any manual input from the Shades of commerce team.

GYM NYC is a boutique fitness establishment in New York City. Their previous site had an almost 94% bounce rate.


We helped the GYM NYC team by creating a brand new site and streamlining the requesting information process. With the new sites, their bounce rate is hovering around 26%.

Hush Long island is one of the hottest new restaurants in town, they needed help building a site that can showcase what they can offer.

Hush Long Island

We helped the Hush team by creating a visually pleasing site and at the same time showcases everything they can offer. As well created a QR Code menu for their patrons to see the menu.

Holistic Medicine & Healing is an up-and-coming start-up that helps people get their medical marijuana certificate.

Holistic Medicine & Healing

We helped them by creating an awesome landing page that helps the user make a decision on their service right on the spot and streamline the process up to the sales call.

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